New Release! Eliot Cardinaux: Winter Poems

The Bodily Press is happy to announce the release of our founder Eliot Cardinaux‘s latest chapbook, Winter Poems.

Winter Poems
Cover art by Zoe Christiansen (Hallgrímskirkja, Reykjavík, Iceland)

The 13 poem cycle is an exploration in discovery of differing modes of Time in their exchange with contemporaneity and its upheaval of meanings, ranging from the abstract to the autobiographical, displacing itself through dream-world imagery and real-world descriptions of constellations, natural phenomena, spirituality, and the truth itself of living in a displaced moment.

25353843_10155902858963788_1219516354370103751_n“As some of you know, in November of last year I began composing a series of Winter Poems. These were originally spurred by a trip to Reykjavík, Iceland, where I performed solo, at a small venue called Mengi. They have grown from there into a chapbook that I am happy to announce the release of. First of all, thank you to Skúli Sverisson and Ólöf Arnalds for hosting and inspiring me in Iceland, and to my partner Jade Wollin, and my father Robert Cardinaux, who have both been a marvelous help in fine-tuning these bits of verse. The book is dedicated to Skúli and Ólöf, both musicians whose music helped lay the foundation for the poetry within. Winter Poems is also dedicated in part to the memory of Olle Kruijt, a friend who commissioned a poem last year whom I found out passed away suddenly, before I could send it.”

-Eliot Cardinaux

The chapbook releases officially on February 11th through The Bodily Press, and will be available then to order online, in physical format only, for $10 + shipping.

You can find it HERE.

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