21 Leaves

21 LeavesEliot Cardinaux’s 21 Leaves (2016) is a poetic treatise on the dangers of escapism, technology, and avoidance on the subject of human nature. Based in part on the writings of Paul Celan, and ranging from dystopian romantic lyrics, to serialistic, vortical outbursts (“Speechgrenades”), and musings on the rapture of the meta hinging on themes of nature and technology, this collection of poetry forms a shapely poetics of the future.




A note from the author:

“After some deliberation, and a couple people saying hi, I’ve decided to archive the process-page for this project (a Facebook group called “Vestigetome”). People will no longer be able to post in it, only view it as a sort of digital museum, which it is, hopefully found by another species in times to come, to create great systems of belief out of myth and funny terror for another millenniae. Cheers.”

-Eliot Cardinaux

dehi-renadeg“De’hi (Rena’deg),” a Speechgrenade poem from 21 Leaves, by Eliot Cardinaux