Aaron Edgcomb

The Roundup


the roundup began in the morning when i had nothing to do

so i looked around, had breakfast and coffee and, of course, ended up on my computer


I started to gain some momentum, ah this article

that i have been meaning to read


now is the time to better myself


but then am i reading the right article?

am i reading the article right?

so i go here for context

another thing by the same author, and their sources too

oh yeah and that album came out last week didn’t it? but i still haven’t listened to their second one…


i can feel the tabs closing as i open them


anyway, here is something




One day this constricted torso

and the small viewing glasses that sit atop it will

() and

feel that hollow canister constrict just a little more

the pressure inside

crying, out! out!

Well, gee, wouldn’t you know

they were right,

life passed you by




Thumbnail disguise

no scent

no air

no hair where it matters


no oil

no sweat

no blood

no cum

no spit

no shit

no snot

no laundry

no pain in my back

no scratch

no throbbing veins

no headache

no stubbed toe

no death


they can see better than we, did you know?


Can we have a thumbnail?

I gulp and panic: will they prefer, hammer, scissor, or knife?


they said jpeg or pdf is fine


a moment in disguise


Tea Image


An earl grey tea bag remains from the morning

Early cold cloud through the window


A switch in perception between video click and still life gesture

Puddle in a peanut butter jar cap

The modern view ignores the clutter

Isolating groups into systematic form


The plants in the corner haven’t been watered, their leaves are yellow and dropping

I can still hear the steam pot in the kitchen,

and emptying tea leaves into the trash with three quick paradiddles

Add some sound and a picture gains momentum




















-ode to ee cummings




the sizzling gate hampered by my whimper

and yes maybe the exhibition

was a bit beyond what the night called for, I

hope the morning coddles my contrition


for now there is a rumble that confers

momentum into my left leg and lung

I tumble and am pulled along after


the wooden doll speaks through a swollen tongue

selling you signs of dreams and picture prints

blue paint faded so you can’t read the eyes

noises of the market hide any hints

that might clue you in as to what this speed buys


seventy percent sends signals of done

I can’t believe the speed at which I run














manic rant




as a kid playing, or someone nearer winter

life can look like blocks

headshot bwAaron Edgcomb (he/him/they) is a composer, drummer, and percussionist from Reno, Nevada, currently based in Brooklyn, NY whose work appears in such contexts as improvisational music, jazz, “new music”, noise, and song. At the forefront of Aaron’s artistic practice is examining how music creates and changes social and political identities.

Aaron has performed in and composed for many ensembles including: the avant-rock band Clak; the solo percussion and electronics project REA; The Gown of Entry, an improvisational trio that incorporates poetry; and the improvising hardcore trio Trigger. They have collaborated with such artists as  John Zorn, Ted Reichman, Chris Williams, Adam Dunson, Katie McShane, Joanna Mattrey, The Ladles, and Anthony Coleman.

Aaron has performed extensively around the world at such venues as the MoMA PS1, National Sawdust, the Philharmonie de Paris, the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg, and the Jazz Em Agosto Festival in Lisbon; not to mention the uncountable and invaluable living rooms, garages, basements, and DIY venues that work so hard to keep creative music alive.

Aaron’s relationship to poetry extends back to his early days, and in many ways Aaron correlates poetry to music in terms of clarity/abstraction and expressivity.

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