Zoe Christiansen

Zoe ChristiansenZoe Christiansen: performer, musician, educator and visual artist who plays clarinet, accordion, keyboards and sings. Her knowledge of Klezmer and traditional music is based on active performing and extensive fieldwork in Turkey, Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Greece, Latvia, Moldova, Russia and the Republic of Georgia. A graduate of the New England Conservatory, Zoe has taught at Yiddish NY and KlezKanada, performed with The Klezmer Conservatory Band, Northern Harmony, Klezfest/St. Petersburg, The Crimson Ragdolls, and The Painted Bird. A frequent accompanist for community theater, she has extensive liturgical experience as well. She appears on Balkan Mind Meld (2016) and on the soundtrack of Theodore Bikel: In the Shoes of Sholom Aleichem (2014). She has produced visual artwork for several projects that have come out on The Bodily Press, such as Eliot Cardinaux’s Winter Poems, and Magpie: Six Feet on Solid Ground.

Naomi Schub

thumb_IMG_1116_1024Naomi is a teacher living in Sydney, where the pizza isn’t nearly as good.  She once “wandered through the ugliest part of Prospect Park / in a September when nothing felt new.” Her chapbook, Islands and their Seas, was released on The Bodily Press in 2018.


Sean Ali

Sean AliBassist, composer, poet, and visual artist Sean Ali from Dayton, Ohio has been living in New York City since 2003, where he participates in the city’s vibrant experimental music scene both as a performer and curator. His current projects include: Fester, Hag, LathanFlinAli, Mattrey.Bordreuil.Ali, Natura Morta, PascAli, While We Still Have Bodies, and solo performances. He is co-founder and member of the new music label Prom Night Records. He is co-founder and former curator at 65Fen Music Series.  He performs performs regularly in New York City and has toured extensively throughout the United States and Europe. He has been writing poetry since he was a little kid and frequently incorporates original text into his musical performances. His visual artwork is featured on the cover of Eliot Cardinaux’s chapbook, Dommages. To learn more about Sean Ali, please visit:

Sean Ali’s chapbook, Awake Afar Off, was released on The Bodily Press in February, 2017. Here’s a quote from the monologue therein, “With My Head In The Sand:”

“Facts of life fabricated. Bodies of indistinct sex, species, and mortality, laying supine and threatening, laying from whence I came and where I will go, bodies factual and seemingly unfabricated, facts of life, bodies and facts of life.”

Photo by Richard Bergeron

Jade Wollin

22046099_10214266472120669_6263525860019156901_nJade Wollin is a Minneapolis native living in Northampton, MA. Her love of poetry is based in an upbringing that was both citygrit and the tall pines of northern Minnesota. Her work is based loosely in the imagist style of writing and is inspired by poets such as: HD, John Keats, e.e. Cummings, Warsan Shire, and Margaret Atwood. She spends her time talking to her cat and imagining faraway places. Her poetry has been published in Bloodroot, and Art and Letters. Her first chapbook, The Good Death, was released on The Bodily Press in 2018.

“Like Ingmar Bergman, I strongly believe
that we are surrounded by other realities.
These poems are those realities, to me.”
—Jade Wollin, The Good Death

Photo by Ally Schmalling

Jason Belcher

1520644_567013729163_832097760_nMassachusetts native Jason Belcher is a composer and performer who trained at The New England Conservatory in Boston. His work deals with varying degrees of performer agency, and has taken shape in a variety of forms and musical settings. Jason is currently working towards a PhD in Music Theory and Composition at the University of Pittsburgh. The collection Karaoke Symphonieshis literary debut, was released by The Bodily Press in February 2017. Described as “Music for no one,” Karaoke Symphonies contains a selection of short works that were the result of the fall 2016 graduate poetry workshop at the University of Pittsburgh. These works originated largely as exercises in memory, verbal conveyance of sound, and in most cases an invitation for the potential reader to explore contents of a page in a number of ways – reordering them, or sounding them out for as long as they wish. Jason’s second chapbook Nine Hours was released in 2018 on The Bodily Press.

Asger Thomsen

asger-5Asger Thomsen is a bass player and composer living in Copenhagen, Denmark. He works primarily in the field of contemporary improvised music. With a physical, detail-oriented approach and a rich palette of sounds –often strengthened by the use of unconventional extended techniques, he aims for contrast and dynamic forward motion in his music. Thomsen has established himself as a versatile improviser on the Copenhagen scene, and tours internationally. He can be heard in many different contexts spanning from alternative pop to free/experimental jazz and the avant-garde. He leads or co-leads projects such as Perfect Volume, Our Hearts as Thieves, Den Polyvalente Hjelm, Magpie, and has a solo project of his own. Asger appears on Magpie: Six Feet on Solid Ground, an album released on The Bodily Press in February, 2019.

Jeppe Høi Justesen

JeppeDrummer Jeppe Høi Justesen (DK, 1988) graduated from the Rhythmic Conservatory in Copenhagen in 2017 and has been a familiar face on the Danish experimental scene for several years. His interest in timbre and circular movements informs the melodic and sensitive approach to drumming exhibited throughout the various projects he is involved in. Jeppe has played, toured and recorded with artists such as Christian Kyhl, Laura Toxværd, Hellas, Lawaai, Kasper Tranberg, Magpie, Kristian Tangvik, Rasmus Krogh, and Christian Balvig. Jeppe appears on Magpie: Six Feet on Solid Ground, released on The Bodily Press in February, 2019.


Eliot Cardinaux

25353843_10155902858963788_1219516354370103751_nBorn in Dayton, Ohio in 1984, Eliot Cardinaux is a pianist and poet now living in Northampton, Massachusetts. He is the founder of The Bodily Press through which he has released the work of others, as well as several of his own chapbooks and CDs, including Winter Poems, and Sweet Beyond Witness. His first album as a leader, American Thicket, was released in 2016 on Loyal Label (Brooklyn, NY), and also features Mat Maneri, Thomas Morgan, and Flin van Hemmen. His poetry has been published in Caliban Online, Big Big Wednesday, Hollow, White Heat, Dispatches from the Poetry Wars, and Bloodroot Literary Journal. Cardinaux performs and records regularly around the East Coast and in Europe, with musicians such as Asger Thomsen, Jeb Bishop, Mia Dyberg, and Kresten Osgood. His latest solo project, Sweet Beyond Witness, is an album of piano compositions and improvisations and spoken word with accompanying writings and film, released in August, 2018 on The Bodily Press.

“I’m thinking of an inverse poetry, which turns experience outward like a flower, raises up without empathy, and echoes the reader, without ensnaring; its collection would be, like their trace upon a winter city, a ghost town for friends.”

-Eliot Cardinaux, from the introduction to Nativity, 2017.