Partitions Vol. 1

Bodily press logo no textThe Bodily Press is excited to announce: Partitions Vol. 1, an online journal featuring poetry, music, & interviews. We are very small. To paraphrase John Berger, we want to provide an inlet for readers, writers, musicians, listeners, & other audiences & creators to defy the space which separates through poetry’s continual labor of reassembling what has been scattered. Which is why we encourage you to submit! We welcome our first contributors with open arms & hope you will revel in their work as we do.


David Redbranch — “It Started as a Way”

Denver Butson — 3 Poems

Aaron Edgcomb — “The Roundup,” “Erato,” & Other Poems

Naomi Schub — 2 Poems



Raquel Balboni — XXX Poems

Flin van Hemmen — Casting Spells & The Coves


Music & Other Recordings:

Eliot Cardinaux — Around the Faded Sun

Our Hearts as Thieves — What the Wildflower Witnessed

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