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“Physical pain can usually be lessened or stopped by action. All other human pain, however, is caused by one form or another of separation.”

-John Berger, “The Hour of Poetry”

Bodily press logo no textPartitions is a poetry journal published through The Bodily Press out of Northampton, Massachusetts. To paraphrase John Berger, we want to provide an inlet for readers and writers to defy the space which separates through poetry’s continual labor of reassembling what has been scattered. View: Partitions Vol. 1, out now!

A NOTE ON SUBMISSIONS: This journal will exist solely in digital form for now, as printing options are suspended for the time being at The Bodily Press. Please limit your poetry submission to 5 poems as a .pdf or .docx, up to 10 pages, or an excerpt as such if the work is longer. The following limits apply for other media: prose (essays, reviews, interviews, fiction, creative non-fiction) up to around 20 pages; art & photography, preferably 5 images, no more than 10; film & video, 1 link and a WordPress embed code, if at all possible; streaming music, 1 album (Bandcamp link preferred). As we are just starting out, it may be that we feature your music or film as part of a review, or reach out to request an interview as we see fit, but with no obligation for you to fulfill that request. Likewise, we welcome any backstory in terms of your work. We want to know the context in which it was created in your life! As far as other media, collaborations, ekphrastic work, please send those too! Just as long as they are in a digital form, since there aren’t really many other options right now to get them out there.

NOTE: We cannot accept previously published texts. If your work has only been self-published prior to submission, please let us know, as we may be able to accommodate. There is no cost for submission. Please note that this is a labor of love for us, and that we are unable to offer compensation at this time, if and when your work is accepted.

Note: all authors published in Partitions retain the rights to their work, we simply ask that you do not submit your poems elsewhere, once we have published them. If you wish to include a poem we have published previously, as part of a larger collection or anthology published elsewhere, we ask that you acknowledge which of your poems first appeared in Partitions. We understand, in the case of other media, that you may want to make your work public, and that is ok with us.

Submissions should be emailed, with the subject heading “submission,” to

*John Berger’s “The Hour of Poetry,” from which we derive the purpose of this journal, was published in his collection of essays The Sense of Sight (Vintage International, 1985), and is well worth the read.


Partitions Vol. 1